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Pursuing Employers That Violate Federal And State Wage And Hour Laws

The Law Offices of Glen C. Shults represents both individual employees and groups of employees who have been denied rightful wages from their employers in violation of federal or state law. Attorneys Glen C. Shults and Linda E. Vespereny pursue the compensation their clients are due, and they hold employers accountable for violations of the wage and hour laws. These violations are particularly harmful because an employer’s failure to pay the wages earned by employees is no different than stealing that employee’s work.

Wage and hour issues can take on various forms:

  • Working overtime hours without being paid accordingly
  • Misclassifying workers as salaried, exempt employees in order to avoid paying overtime
  • Denying vacation pay, or commissions or bonuses
  • Terminating an employee without good cause under an employment contract, and failing to pay the employee for the remainder of the contract
  • Making unauthorized deductions from wage payments

Federal and state wage and hour statutes are a complicated, sometimes overlapping set of laws that requires close attention to the facts. In addition, litigation over wage and hour issues has become much more widespread over the past several years, and as a result, this type of litigation is often very hard-fought. The firm has represented employees in various types of wage and hour claims, and it has the experience to handle these complicated cases.

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