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Harassment in the workplace can be a form of discrimination. Although harassment based upon protected characteristics or protected activities under the law is illegal and has been for many years, employers often allow illegal harassment to occur, without proper preventive measures being taken. Many employees are unable to address illegal workplace harassment without the assistance of an attorney.

The anti-discrimination laws protect the rights of groups of people from harassment that is based upon certain protected characteristics such as sex, race, national origin, religion, age and disability. Sexual harassment is perhaps the most commonly occurring type of workplace harassment and can take a number of different forms. In addition, there are many federal and state laws that protect employees from harassment or retaliation based upon protected activities in the workplace such as filing a workers’ compensation claim or occupational safety and health complaint, engaging in certain “whistleblowing” activities, and engaging in communications with your co-workers about your terms and conditions of employment.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, The Law Offices of Glen C. Shults helps victims of harassment and retaliation in North Carolina and eastern Tennessee to assert their rights under the law to redress unlawful harassment and retaliation. Glen C. Shults and Linda E. Vespereny have assisted many employees of private and public employers over the years in harassment and retaliation lawsuits.

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