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The attorneys at The Law Offices of Glen C. Shults provide diligent legal representation for private and public sector employees who have experienced discrimination in the workplace. The firm has substantial experience in representing employees who have been subjected to discriminatory job actions, or termination based upon an immutable characteristic or protected activity.

An immutable characteristic is an attribute or condition upon which it is illegal to base an adverse employment action. Race, age, color, gender, national origin and disability are some of the immutable characteristics that are targets for discrimination in the workplace.

Protected activities include those actions by employees that are protected by the law, and which federal and state laws encourage. Protected activities under the law include filing a workers’ compensation claim, raising issues about wage payments, organizing a union, and filing an occupational health and safety claim.

Federal and state laws make it illegal to discriminate against employees because of a variety of protected characteristics and activities. The effective analysis of a potential claim requires knowledge of this body of law and a close analysis of the facts.

During an initial consultation, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Glen C. Shults get to the facts by interviewing the individual and reviewing related documentation. There is a modest consultation fees for this interview. From there, a determination is made as to whether the individual has a legitimate and viable legal claim, and whether the firm decides to represent the individual. The attorneys then determine the best way to resolve the matter, in consultation with the client, whether by way of negotiation, or litigation.

Throughout the process, clients are kept informed and updated on the progress of their cases.

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