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The Law Offices of Glen C. Shults represents private sector and public sector employees in highly complex employment law claims. The attorneys provide comprehensive legal services and take personalized approaches in their diligent handling of their clients’ cases.

Specific areas of the firm’s employment law practice include:

Wrongful discharge Despite the protections afforded by laws at the state and federal levels, employees are still terminated from their jobs for issues beyond their work performance. Attorneys Glenn Shults and Linda E. Vespereny have represented residents of North Carolina and eastern Tennessee fired for their race, age, disability or gender. They have also advocated for clients discharged following the filing of an OSHA or workers’ compensation claim.

DiscriminationDenying promotions or treating an employee different because of age, gender, race, religion or disability is illegal. Many employees continue to tolerate the hostile environment, fearing retribution or being unaware of federal and state laws. The help of an attorney can educate them, assert their rights, and hold employers accountable.

Wage and hour issuesWhen employers try to circumvent wage and hour laws, employees can be denied the income they have rightfully earned. For example, employers may misclassify employees to exempt an employee from hourly wages as a cost-saving measure. Employers may unlawfully deny vacation pay or sales commissions. Employers may illegally refuse to pay a terminated employee severance under the terms of an employment agreement.

HarassmentHostile work environments involve tolerance of sexually charged or inappropriate, sometimes racist comments. An experienced attorney can help end the illegal behavior and protect the rights of clients while holding employers accountable.

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